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Books & Statues for direct sale

A few years ago I had the privilege of working in (basically running) an Egyptian Import store. It fueled my already strong obsession with Ancient Egypt.
Well after the store closed my obsession fizzled out :( So I thought I would offer these items to you all before I put them in my yard sale. I know they will find loving homes with you.
I have feedback on ebay: primeduchess; the lj community lippy_feedback; and Makeupalley: Duchessvondoom
Paypal please. I am open to offers :) please let me know if you have any questions!

In Search for Nerfertiti is hardcover read once, The Egyptian Book of the Dead softcover never read!

The Splendor that was Egypt softcover never read, Ancient Egypt thick softcover read/referenced many times (awesome book)


Oh I forgot I had this!
This is from the store I worked at, its sterling silver 925, just over 1.25 in. wide, 1.5 in tall including jump ring.

Nerfertiti Malachite composite about 5.5 in. tall, from the import store I worked at.

Akhenaten also a Malachite composite, just under 3 inches tall also from the import store.

Alabaster Sphinx, Grandma gave me this guy, 5 in. long, 3 in. tall

Alabaster Nefertiti also from Grandma, 4.5 in. tall

Basalt pyramid, just under 3 in. tall, gift from a friend

Basalt Hathor, about 5 in. tall from the import store I worked at.

And  last but certianly not least!
MIN! just inder 4.5 inches tall and from the import store I worked at.
Funny story about the Min statues in the store, I was the first one to sell one (two to the same customer actually) before the Egyptian co-owner of the store :D No one thought we'd sell them in our conservative town HA! This is the smallest Min's we had, the largest were about 17 in. tall!

Anyways thanks for looking!

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