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I have some books from during my time studying Egyptology, if you would be interested in any of them the prices include postage (within the UK) for postage outside the UK please tell me which country and I will look for postage cost.
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Nick Drake's Rahotep Trilogy

Has anybody read Nick Drake's Rahotep trilogy set at the end of the 18th Dynasty: Nefertiti - The Book of the Dead, Tutankhamen - The Book of Shadows and Egypt - The Book of Chaos? Are they any good? Do they feel as if they are really taking place in ancient Egypt? (I've read a few books the author placed in ancient Egypt with characters that come across as awfully contemporary).
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Hey everyone! We're a mythology-based game in which Gods from several pantheons have been reincarnated as mortals. Community based, events happen on a monthly basis which are part of a larger overarching plot trying to answer questions as to why they are no longer gods and such.

Right now we're looking for more Egyptian Gods to be app'd into the game, so if you love roleplaying and Egyptian Gods, please have a look. You'd be more than welcome! Thanks!

Reserves + Applications + Wanted

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The Past and the Present

Here's a story that suggests Egyptians were the first to make prosthetics. Read about it in Mummy Remains Show False Toes Helped Ancient Egyptians Walk

Now for some sad news - among items looted from the Cairo Museum were a couple of small statuettes of King Tutankhamun. Read about it here. According to a recent report two of the stolen items have been found and the rest are still being sought.

For a fascinating look at the driving forces behind Egypt's relatively peaceful overthrow of Mubarak go here.
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Homer burns Troy

Heartbreak for those who love ancient Egypt

Reports are coming into facebook from people in Egypt that there is widespread looting and illegal digging south of Egypt at the ancient sites of Abusir and Sakkara.  A number of government storehouses in Qantarah and Sakkara and Abusir have been robbed.  Large gangs are digging illegally all around the area and have smashed into all sealed tombs.
Only the magazines near the Giza pyramids and the Imhotep Museum are guarded by the military.

In Luxor, the military is guarding the East Bank, but on the West Bank, the locals are trying to guard the tombs themselves.
There are no "tourist police" anywhere. 

On the up side of things: some digs are still in progress at Amheida (Dakhleh Oasis), Amarna, Abydos and elsewhere.  The Abydos people report all quiet so far, as do the Dakhleh Oasis dig.  I believe a few excavations are having study seasons in the Valley of the Kings.  From what I have heard of those archaeologists, they will defend the tombs with their lives.

For an update on the identification and discussion of the damage in the Cairo Museum, visit The Eloquent Peasant blog  If you area on facebook, you can get news from Restore + Save the Egyptian Museum

And very sadly: It seems likely that one of the mummies destroyed in the Museum looting was Yuya, grandfather of Akhenaten. CORRECTION: A British Egyptologist has said that he thinks that photo which seemed to show the mummy of Yuya vandalized was of another (non-royal) ancient Egyptian.

From Discovery News
Egyptians are bravely defending their cultural heritage, according to a statement from Ismail Serageldin, librarian of Alexandria and director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

“The young people organized themselves into groups that directed traffic, protected neighborhoods and guarded public buildings of value such as the Egyptian Museum and the Library of Alexandria,” he said.

“The library is safe thanks to Egypt’s youth, whether they be the staff of the Library or the representatives of the demonstrators, who are joining us in guarding the building from potential vandals and looters,” Serageldin said.

From the blog of Zahi Hawass:
all the inspectors, young archaeologists, and administrators, are calling me from sites and museums all over Egypt to tell me that they will give their life to protect our antiquities. Many young Egyptians are in the streets trying to stop the criminals.
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